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White Rabbit kara no message – Watanabe Marina

A message from the White Rabbit. How long have i been doing this (or more on point, how frequently) and i still have new Onyanko Club or related songs to share. I’m sure you’re all very happy about that. Maybe i shouldn’t and be more concerned about the working conditions it forces people under, but i really love how factory-like everything was. To produce so much, in so little time, working to such effect and affect,and it all being excellent or as close to as need be, it’s just so amazing to me. Marina’s second single.

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Shinkokyuu shite – Watanabe Marina

The Onyanko Club were the largest girl group in the world before all this AKB 48 and Morning Musume nonsense. But their size precluded one of the best aspects of the girl group sound in harmonies. All together, their voices form a shouting, primary school assembly-type chorus, and as great a force as that is, it overwhelms any possibility for the key, subtle musical glories found in smaller groups.

So what to do? Reduce everything. This song is Marina’s (or Marina featuring the Onyanko Club on the record) but supporting her, adding so much and aligning it with girl group perfection is Kudo Shizuka and Ikuina Akiko on backing vocals. Three people. This song is what it is and provides as much as it does because of them and their oohs and ah-ahs. It’s all that’s needed.

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