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Birdhouse in your soul – They Might Be Giants

Miss Listen-To-One-Song-On-Repeat-One-Thousand-Times-In-A-Row woke me up with this song this morning. Actually it wasn’t just the one song, but a loop of three, over and over. I’ll never understand. Anyway, i’ll take this opportunity to post my favourite band on a talk show moment with They Might Be Giants performing Birdhouse In Your Soul on the Johnny Carson show, as a two piece with the Tonight Show band backing. It becomes especially great when instead of the traffic jam solo as on the record, Doc Severinsen takes to his trumpet.

Odd Future twenty years beforehand? No one is going to be brave enough to draw that comparision, but i’m sure for many people it was, especially considering the opportunity back then for a band such as They Might Be Giants to actually appear on prime time network television. Here:

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