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Howard Beware

Howard Beware – Dead Milkmen

Imagine a Dead Milkmen without Joe Jack Talcum. Unfortunately we have to realise a Dead Milkmen without Dave Blood. Well we don’t really. Unless they still play around. Anyway, a Dead Milkmen without Joe Jack would be a Dead Milkmen without every pleasant and palatable element. It would be a Dead Milkmen without Punk Rock Girl. It would be a Dead Milkmen without the sweet backing vocals in the chorus of this song. It would be a Dead Milkmen without commercial success, i wager. Basically it would just be an untempered Rodney Anonymous. And while that would be great, it’s not the easiest of things for most people to swallow. Joe Jack Talcum is the apple sauce the pill is mixed in of the Dead Milkmen, basically.

american in paris

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The Badger Song

The badger song – Dead Milkmen

Another Dead Milkmen song! If i have writing this blog on my mind as i wake up – both the imminent action of writing and anterior posts – and i reference back to days before’s posts in my head before i write a new one, should i be surprised with repetition? The experiment has fostered an interesting result: Having a journal songs i have had in my head actually influences the song choice/materialisation of future days. See you tomorrow.

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Punk Rock Girl

Punk rock girl – Dead Milkmen

If this blog were to be in any way educational, and if i were to ever fill my dream position of cooler older-sibling figure and introduce the zero (count ’em) readers of this thing i have here to new music, i think i am going about it the wrong way by posting the only Dead Milkmen song most of the world has heard. I wish i had The Badger Song, or Nutrition, or Born to Love Volcanoes, or Stuart, or Happy Is, or Earwig or If I Had a Gun or etc. stuck i my head. It’s not even a song Rodney sings so it paints a very different picture on sole listening than who the Dead Milkmen actually were/is. But i can’t pick these things. I have to post them as they lay. Entry level Dead Milkmen but still a great song. It was my level of entry too, thanks to Beavis and Butthead.

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