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The Alcohol Talking

The alcohol talking – Short Round

I’m glad another Short Round song came up because it gives me a chance to demonstrate, however insufficiently, that there are better songs on the album. And this song reveals Jason Thinh’s ska background, which is how i came across the band, following him.

Also i called them punk yesterday, and these lyrics make it seem like their punk rock days were behind them. Oops. I don’t know. There are two kinds of music for me in this world: Punk and not. I’m happy to reduce all music to those two groups. DIY with sometimes a little (a lot) help, or DI completely not Y – music born from the personal or music born from committee, from money. Both equally “worthy”, both equally reaching great heights or horrendous lows.

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Post Office Date

Post office date – Short Round

The power and joy of personal mail, all conveyed in a wimpy punk song that should appeal only to those nerds of us who still get excited by the sound of the postperson’s motorcycle as it nears. Not that i ever get much mail, and rarer still personal mail. Still, i like the idea of it, and i like carrying the delusion that someone might bother to one day send me something. For that to happen people would have to a) know my address, and b) care enough to and have faith i’d write back. I’d post my address here but i’ve been cautioned against doing so (“What?!! Are you crazy?! Never give out… etc.” Sheesh); and on the b) point, i can only be blunt and implore that it would mean a lot to lonely, old me and that i would.

I’ve been receiving postcards from my mum recently. That has been nice.

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