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Bloodstains – Agent Orange

I feel all my exposure to Agent Orange comes through bands covering their songs. And not even good bands, but shameful 90’s/00’s SoCal pop punk like Lagwagon and the Offspring. So by extension Agent Orange are on that continuum, just a generation before, and themselves should be considered a just as staid, safe and terrible band. Diminishing returns and all that, but are there any good bands who hold them so high as influence, or are they completely in the hands of wacks, their history reshaped and rewritten as it fits in with the punk that succeeded it. At least there’s money in that.

Maybe it’s because hey released albums, maybe it’s because they were on that Rodney on the ROQ compilation, were from the OC and the geopolitics of that, maybe it’s because they were really good, but there’s something about their upheld popularity that seems unnatural and near conspiratorial. Because they sourced the tributary of punk that would become the most successful of all, and are tied to the sins of it. History written by the victors, press agents and mall punk. But also they were really good.

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