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Fill A Void

Fill a void – Gray Matter

I always spell their name wrong. I mean right. I love this song, and it’s a love apart from the heights i already have for Gray Matter as a band. There’s something so perfect about it. Like this is the direction punk should have always taken: playful, unbound, the space and risk afforded to do other things, sounds like it comes from high school kids (which they were here). Punk should be, punk shouldn’t be, blah blah. But really there is an ethos here, a simplicity, sincerity and a dumbness here, born from just writing songs to get things out, that is so great.

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Oscar’s Eye

Oscar’s eye – Gray Matter

My top however many number records released on Dischord list is too long and too unrestrained for it to actually mean anything (except that some of the greatest music in the world was released on that record label). I’m just lumping great record after great record on there, without thought to hierarchy or qualification, without kicking something off to make room for another.

One album that will forever have a place on this list, never in danger on the day i finally try to cull and make something less clumsy of it, is Food For Thought by Gray Matter. For this song alone it would make the list. The middle section, where it speeds up and Geoff Turner’s voice loses its drawl and becomes a screamed intense and direct dispatch of an unshakable ill ease with this mess of a world, makes it something truly special.

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