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Bang Yer Head

Bang yer head – Portraits Of Past

The times i’ve listened to the Portraits of Past LP all the way through vs. the times i’ve lifted the needle after this song. The second song. KQED Equals Volvo to this song and nothing is as perfect. That, in a spate of masochism, denying myself the rest of the album, is enough. Things are as perfect, every bit as perfect, throughout both sides of that record, yet i stop after this song more often than not.

Perhaps i can’t bear it. I think so. It is such an overwhelming thing. It is such an ordeal – bare, painful, intense, suffocating, ripping you from however you were feeling, however you wanted to feel, and leaving you nowhere but under the shadow of the album, all they are screaming about and all that drove out that screaming. More than any other album it does this. I have to stop before it swallows me completely.

I’m going to spend today in it, i think. Listen to it fully, surrender to it, be swallowed by it. And then take a walk.

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