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Step – Kara

This song is a lot better live. It’s with much delight that i can say that. It is irresistible when you’re placed in front of it. Last night was just… oh. That it happened was enough, but it was more perfect than i had hoped. It was my first pop concert so i’m not sure how to grade it other than personal rapture. I’m sure the more experienced and discernible would have found things to complain about. Everyone on stage was on, and everyone in the audience seemed to love it.

Kara were second last to perform and were one of the best of the night. This was their first song, followed by Mister and Lupin. Yeah only three songs, but there were twelve acts to fit in the night along with other performances, and it is such an unbelievable thing they came to Australia in the first place that complaining about it seems greedy. Though writing that and suppressing want for more seems like an act of kneeling serfdom.

It would be nice for one group to return and perform a full concert, but i think the only girl group who could do that here would be Girls’ Generation. The boys though, take your pick. The majority of the crowd were there for the boy groups. The screams! The girls received their share as well, but overwhelmingly it was support for and euphoria in the presence of the boy groups. My euphoria was in the minority, and was still different in way. Maybe i’m not doing it right. I amplified it as much as i could.

What else? A lot else. Everyone seems a lot shorter in person than they do on screen. Even in heels. Concert going is trying to keep your head above a sea of mobile phone screens. Asking what is inside a 7″ kpop sleeve, expecting there to be a 7″ record, will get you only “What the hell no it’s a CD.” Pop music fans resent and deny security more than rock music fans. There were a lot of people there. Secret were the best group of the night. I think it was a success. I hope so much so that it could one day happen again. And T-ara comes.

I’m down there somewhere on the left.

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