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두근두근 – Sunny Hill

The last time this song came around i didn’t really know anything about Sunny Hill and had to frame it as a National Treasure Girls (funny!) song – the fictional girl group from Best Love that Sunny Hill provided the music for. Well, now i’ve caught up and boy don’t i feel dumb for not being clued in on Sunny Hill earlier. There’s something really special about this group – something better evinced if i posted a song of theirs they perform in and in promotion of the Sunny Hill image. Really talented, really unique, really cool. They made their comeback a few days ago. It’s their first since their male member was conscripted into the South Korean army. It rules. But it’s this song today, and let’s celebrate that with a fan made youtube MV!

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Thump Thump

Thump thump – Sunny Hill

This is a song by the fictional girl group National Treasure Girls from the Korean drama The Greatest Love which has been turning me into mush this past week. The latest series written by the Hong sisters, so of course it’s fantastic and hits perfectly every overemotional point in me, tugging every heartstring, tickling every funnybone, jerking every tear.

Explaining the show would take time, so simply it’s about a former girl group member shamed out of the industry and her reemergence into it through misunderstandings, pride, love triangles and a heart condition. It is probably more lucidly explained in schematic form:

So this is a song by a fictional group (based very much on Fin.K.L. i would assume) yet performed by the very real group Sunny Hill. Not only that, it is to approximate the sound of Korean pop ten years ago. It must be hard to have such a high profile song with an image that is not your own. One you cannot promote, one so old fashioned. Then again i hadn’t even heard of Sunny Hill before i began watching this show, they being one of those lower strata, non-major entertainment company promoted groups. Anything so long as your name is out there or can be traced back.

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