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The Last Time

The last time – The Rolling Stones

I don’t know why, but in between bouts of actually enjoying the music of the Rolling Stones there exists in me such malignance towards them. What is it? I don’t know. That nothing seems ingenious of them, from their aped blues stuff to their aped disco stuff and every safe money-making, relevance-keeping, appropriative career divergence between and beyond. And jealousy.

There’s this disparity between male and female sung and protagonised songs that all to often colours my reaction towards them. It is always too often a power thing. Oooh hey a notice through song, after no doubt a few ultimatums through song (he told you once and he told you twice), that this relationship is over and is entirely your fault because you didn’t sway to and treat Mick Jagger the way you should have. This break up will affect you much more, the regret, suffering and anguish will be all yours, because you didn’t realise what you had and squandered it. Fuck him and fuck those always open avenues of his he uses to try and drill this message and every intended repercussion into you! And fuck every other boy who sees himself aligned and savioured by this shit, who use it in turn! Fuck them. You’ll be fine.

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I Am Waiting

I am waiting – The Rolling Stones

Trust Wes Anderson to use a song by a band i had written off so assuredly from the moment i became a discerning music listener so well in his movie that it finds a special place in my heart, and a place in my head this morning.

I like this song a lot. Some of the vocal intonation seems affected and annoying, but other than that it is a great song, an opinion and reaction i would not have if it weren’t for the need to soundtrack a montage. It doesn’t seem like a Rolling Stones song, so maybe it has that in its favour. I don’t even know what a Rolling Stones song is meant to sound like and how much this is divorced from that model, so my opinion, as usual, holds no weight. But i can overlook the author here – an author who on every instance of contact (not filtered through Wes Anderson) have turned me further and further off them – and enjoy the song.

Aside from Brian Jones and Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones are lame. No qualifier to hide opinion as merely opinion. Stated: Lame. What did Mick Jagger say after watching Tina Turner perform beyond anything he could possibly hope to ape in that scene in Gimme Shelter? The repugnant reaction one should have after he quips that sums up my thoughts of the band, stretched absolute and permanent. It is tempered sometimes i guess.


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