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Stop The Bombs

Stop the bombs – The Smittens

Aside from that simply choosing to play this kind of music and existing and remaining on the level it demands could be considered a political act, it is to my frequent dismay how intently apolitical a lot of indiepop is nowdays. It’s not that i entreat that all music be political, nor that it be on a side of politics that i agree with, but i’m often overwhelmed at just how apolitical, consumptive, white, and at times shockingly conservative this music i love is.

I’m not looking for the… i don’t know… Creation Is Crucifixion or Kill The Man Who Questions of indiepop. I’m not demanding politics worn on sleeves. I’m not ready to write off every band i find disagreeable solely on grounds of that disagreeability. It’s just i’m just a little tired of finding predominately the silk-stocking, right-leaning or abstaining bands here. A chance to sing along and pretend that nothing is wrong. I defy it as the soundtrack for that. I defy it as ever having been the soundtrack for that.

Then there are bands like the Smittens who, while they aren’t exactly McCarthy or the Rosehips, i do find somewhat agreeable on the political level. This song may be simple, remain in tweeness, keep everything relative to a white, middle class, suburban life and skirt larger issues, but in just being a plea for peace and inserting it into a pop song, delivering it to a pop audience, it becomes effective. It’s nice to know which side they’re on, i guess. It’s nice to know music isn’t ever disposable. It’s nice to know simply being nice can be a political act.

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