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Seokgwan-dong 2008 – Mukimukimanmansu

캠시 2013. Oh Mukimukimanmansu, where are you and what are you doing? 2012 seems so long ago. I can’t lose you. Here is a video of you playing this song earlier this year live on national television, and being basically everything from which this angst i have over missing anything you do, are or become was born.

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I am a Parisian taxi driver – Mukimukimanmansu

I think that’s what it translates to. What the song is about i have no idea. Escape, dreams, being stuck where one is? I feel compelled to say this again because of some evangelical urge: Mukimukimanmansu were my favourite thing i found in music last year. I have been touched and i have to get this fervour across. And i have to keep this fervour always. All forces of the world – of time, space and fate – have delivered to me, here, now, a band so unimaginably perfect, aligned and instilled with everything i have ever wanted from music. I don’t want to lose them. They may have written new songs by now and i don’t know how i can hear them. Who knows how to keep up with things? Especially small, distant things no one ever talks about. At least in English. Oh well. My ardor, my crusade, my legwork i guess.

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Mukimukimanmansu – Mukimukimanmansu

And this was the best album released this year. Both song and album of the year coming from Korea, but that might just be indicative of how much my attention has been diverted there this one past. But regardless of origin, nothing excited me more than these two girls, acoustic guitar and gujanggujang, Mansu and Muki, playing everything i have ever wanted from music, exactly how i want it. So honest, so vital, so beautiful, so much an outpouring of everything inside, so incredible. The band i’ve dreamed of, liked i’ve willed them into existence, but i could never have envisioned something this perfect. I’m just so happy to have them. This is their theme song. It features a slide whistle.

I wanted so much to see them, but they seemed on hiatus both times i went over to South Korea. My girlfriend did though. Grrr. It’s probably for the best. I would have embarrassed myself, how much i would have gone out of my gourd if i had seen them. I have an extra copy of this album i’ve been trying to think of a appropriate place to put, so if anyone would really appreciate it they could ask me. Though i do like the feeling of having two copies.

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