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Last Caress

Last caress – Misfits

The Misfits and alcohol: Two things everyone in the world seems to love except me, leaving me alone, frustrated and bitter in some corner somewhere. I have actually heard the Misfits, though. I still don’t get them. Sure, if you want to play all evil and have songs to sing about baby killing and rape the Misfits are the perfect band for you. Oh, there is an ironic and masquerading disconnection here? The Misfits are a horror band and the horror lyrics are part and parcel? These lyrics explore the darkest sides of life to extract social commentary, meaning and metaphor otherwise unmentionable? Whatever! Grow up, and buy Misfits merchandise with your own pocket money.

And this is one of the most covered songs of all time! How can people sing and reproduce these lyrics seriously and comfortably? The only way i could figure doing it is the way Your Mother covered Danzig’s Mother, making the vocals just indecipherable drawls, Danzig’s intonation taken to the extreme. To sing them as they are, earnestly, to shock or otherwise, without examination to what it means and who it affects is my new litmus test to determine people worth my time. Yup.

teeeeeeeeen witch

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