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Sister Havana

Sister Havana – Urge Overkill

I should just let things lie in the past where slips into nostalgia and ebbs at recollection keep them as i remember them. I haven’t heard this song probably in fifteen years, and fifteen years ago i remember loving it. I couldn’t remember how it sounded at all – melody, sound, lyrics, structure – but i remember my pre-teen self thinking it (alternative) rocked. And i remember a certain cache of cool it gave me, being the only kid at my school who knew the song. That’s probably why i remember liking it so much.

To satisfy an interest that in fifteen years nothing nor no one has for me otherwise, i decided to look it up. Eww. It wasn’t so much a mistake as now i’ll never wonder about or pedestal it ever again, but it is a pity. Almost everything to hate about the early-mid 90’s in one song. Those alternative rock years must have been so frustrating for smart people – the people who would have found and harboured themselves in punk regardless – seeing bloated, corporate, chinese whispered versions of what affirms them so, being clustered among people who beforehand would have still antagonised but at least then were not grouped in the same generational market segment. Of course it was. It always is.

I wonder if I Got a Girl by Tripping Daisy was ever actually a good song.

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