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Television – Broccoli

From when the Paint It Black record store opened, as it moved location, until near it closed, there lay in the discount racks throughout seemingly every Crackle/Rugger Bugger release, untouched, unsold. For me, there was just always something else to spend money i didn’t have on. And i just didn’t know what they were, who these bands were. They just looked like they belonged in the discount bin they were kept.

It wasn’t until they announced they were closing and i had some idea that those records might be on the side of slightly ok that i plunged in and bought all of them. It was mostly out of gratitude to the store and everything i found there, every show i saw there, everything they did, the wonderful people they were. To buy something that in their 4/5(?) year existence just did not move – to rid them of it – seemed the most appreciative thing i could do. They were all $2 to $5, and they didn’t have to take them with them.

That wonderful yet near-erased from history burst of 90’s British pop punk. Crocodile God, Cigaretteman, Dagobah, Servo, Blew, Donfisher, Skimmer, Toast – all those bands. And Broccoli. It was too much music to ingest once, so, making my way through it, it would take something truly special to stick. This song stuck. As soon as that opening guitar came out of my speakers i knew this song would be with me for life – a life all the better for it.

It is one of the best songs ever written, and i’m one of the few who know that. All those records are great. I’m happy sometimes that i am the only one here who would ever think to buy these records. They’ll always be there. I can sleep on anything until i’m ready, no matter how long i take.

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