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It’s obvious – Au Pairs

It just occurred to me that i am three days late in celebrating the two year anniversary of me wasting my time with this thing. That’s a pity. I should have done something to commemorate it. Or given it up. How many mornings can i waste trying to bring about something from ineffable nothings? Like this song – this perfect force of a song. I can’t think of a thing to say other than that: It is perfect. And that’s something i’ve said too many times for too many songs. That’s what i get for surrounding myself and being affected by so many perfect songs i guess.

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A Year

Ok, so it’s been a year. And rather than post today’s song… Actually, to avoid posting today’s song (Sandstorm…), i’ve gone and very methodically determined a list of the twenty objectively greatest, most perfect songs ever written, one song per band. And this morning i’m offering it all, sans commentary, to you in a handy dandy *.zip file. Here:


That’s it. That’s it? I have spent too much time and concern on something so inconsequential, and it probably isn’t that great, but i really do believe in this list. Twenty songs are not enough. There’s no Fugazi, no Beat Happening, Braid, Sleater-Kinney, Wu-Tang Clan, Minutemen, Shotmaker, Bonnie Tyler, Husker Du, Assfactor 4, Sly and the Family Stone, Young Marble Giants, Born Against, Bikini Kill, Life Without Buildings, Public Enemy, Television, Assfactor 4, Heroin, or Altered Images; nothing Australian, nothing not written by white people, nothing featuring Mike Kirsch. It was hard to leave things out. As i said a few days ago, What A Wonderful Puddle by Braid would be number 21. Another thousand songs i’d like to cram in at number 22. Ah lists.

This would be the perfect opportunity to pack this all in and move on. And if i had something to move on to, i would. But there’s nothing here. Not yet. I’m ok with this facet/rut of my life/rut – the morning routine part of my life. Business as usual tomorrow.

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Yes, that’s right! Today marks six months of me doing this. Of being dull (in print) and recording 6 months of songs in my head. Of inadvertently exposing my prejudices, lackings, my stick in the mud-ings regarding music and my commentary on it. Of playing this kind of roulette. It was really easy to do. I missed only those few days i was on holiday. There lies a testament to my ability to wake up in my own bed every morning. And to what a rut i am in. Sliding this experiment into such a rut was no difficult thing. It is one of the better things i have done in it, regardless of quality, insignificance, readership.

Six months brought 177 songs by 154 bands/artists/composers. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart came up the most frequently with 6 appearances, then Heavenly, Rain, Wire and us appearing 3 times each. Rocketship’s Let’s Go Away and Short Attention’s Pointless Breakup Song were respectively the longest and shortest songs, at 6:24 and 12 seconds each. I guess that’s cheating as the Rocketship song has an ending that keeps droning along, and Short Attention are Short Attention. 60% of the songs came from American bands. Not surprising at all. England and Australia were preferred next. If it were not for Young Marble Giants, Wales would have one less than one showing. 69 of the bands had at least some female representation.

I liked most of what arose, indifferent to more than i hated. For the sake of list making, here’s a list:
The five i like the most

  1. Shallow by Heavenly
  2. Les autres sont jaloux by Yianna Katsoulos
  3. Gates Of Steel by Devo
  4. Emma’s House by the Field Mice
  5. Snakeout by Rain

The five i would like to wear a helmet covered in tinfoil or whatever it takes to never have them in my head again

  1. Parlez-vous Francias? by Art vs. Science
  2. Shine by Collective Soul
  3. Even Flow by Pearl Jam
  4. Rehab by Amy Winehouse
  5. Judy Jetson by Darlington

I don’t have a song for today. I’ve decided to keep a running tally of all the songs that mark significant headspace throughout this whole day. A journey with me through all these weird songs that come to my head, prompted or not. It began with…
Skinned Teen Anthem – Skinned Teen

Sisters are forever – Sexy Kids

Stick the fucking flag up your goddam ass, you sonofabitch – Propagandhi

I am waiting – The Rolling Stones

Gates of steel – Devo

Steppin’ out – Joe Jackson

Give you nothing – Bad Religion

Anonymous descriptions of uncontrolable urges – The Hated

You – The Au Pairs

Clenched fists, black eyes – 7 Seconds

It’s obvious – The Au Pairs

Breathless – The Corrs

Swimming pools, movie stars – The Wedding Present

Four seasons in one day – Crowded House

I killed the dove – Code Of Honor

Rise and shine – The Young and the Useless

Into the groove – Madonna

Defensive – Meataxe

Behind Trees – Sailboats

Gymnopedie #1 – Erik Satie

T-minus 100 – Kerosene 454

Ongoing. Business as usual tomorrow. Because i’m dull.

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