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For Diana Oughton – Truth From Facts

Australia’s best band. My scope from which i make this claim is dismal, and my reach and effect in making it even more so. I should get out of the house sometime. Still, i stand by my claim. I wonder what they’re doing right now?…

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Predators dream – Truth From Facts

Another reason to move to Melbourne. Perhaps the most prime of reasons. Seriously, this band is a*mazing, though i don’t suppose that’s news to a lot of people. I am never going to do it, but it is hard not to build the want to pack up when a band like Truth From Facts play every other weekend down there. I’ll be here, or the distance from here to Sydney, always probably. Someone has to stay. That’s actually a little depressing.

Do Truth From Facts fit into a larger Australian rock lineage that i don’t have enough of a holding on to say so for sure? The way the Nation Blue, Dead Farmers, and… i don’t know… Slug Guts are (these are terrible examples, demonstrating my limited scope, but they are enthused similarly) have been drawn by some as modern day Scientists, Lubricated Goat, the Screaming Tribesmen, etc. So do Truth From Facts fit in at all here, in a scene or esteemed branch of music they’re as yet unappreciated in or haven’t fallen on the ears of people who could with more authority boost their profile?

I’d like to think not, because to me there is something else going on with them, musically and personally, and they seem to be coming from a different place altogether that doesn’t align them too well with whatever bands i am tenuously hypothesising a link with. Also they are better. The best.

female trouble

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