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Yesterday: Different kind of girl – The Beat

Today: Yesterday: With you – The Blue

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Yesterday: With you – The Blue

Today: Daddy long legs – Tumbleweed


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With you – The Blue

Another drama song worms its way into my head. It’s from the drama Feelings, which aired in 1994 and look at me i’ve crawled too far in to this. It’s not as dated as the words “Korean soap opera from the early 90’s” would make it seem. Actually, it’s a lot more compelling and better constructed than a lot of the modern dramas i’ve seen. I think this was one of the first to reach out to a youth audience, featuring a young cast dealing with young people’s problems.

Brothers in love with the same girl, she goes away to Europe and returns an educated, sophisticated young lady. It’s basically Sabrina in drama form, just in 1994 drama form so everyone’s haircuts and clothes are funny (or at their historical perfection). But it’s like going back to Degrassi or Beverly Hills 90210 – these things are universal, just dressed differently.

The soundtrack in one of the most 90’s things ever. Apart from the reoccurring proper OST songs like this one, it is entirely made up of English-speaking music, peppering cafe, modelling and rowing scenes. It’s a weird mix, but it’s completely 1994: Dee-lite, Tori Amos, Loudness, Maggotron Crushing Crew, Us3. Maybe earlier than 1994. However long it took for those songs to travel to Korea and appear on the soundtrack to a television show. It’s fun spotting them. But it’s not one of those songs in my head. It’s this. It’s a little less cool. This song is sung by two of the leads.

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