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I Believe In You

I believe in you – The Mr. T Experience

And this is my favourite Mr. t Experience song. Like Braid yesterday and the Chills before that, i may have already honoured another song with that title, but the truth of now certifies it as this. For the lyrics more than the music, although the song is as perfect as pop punk gets (that’s a high perfect, to my mind at least). I’ve long had Dr. Frank as one of my favourite lyric writers, but that’s due to the genius wordcraft he spins his obsessions of being in love or wanting to be in love around. Here, the time and effort it takes to sound that perfectly dumb is thrown out entirely for the most straight, loving message of faith and care to a person who are suffocating under feeling they’re not enough. Everything i want to say to the people i love who doubt themselves; everything i need to hear myself. It’s one of the most affecting, moving things i’ve ever heard. Honestly: to tears. “I believe in you.” Said with love, that’s all anybody needs.

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Book of Revelation

Book of revelation – The Mr. T Experience

Last night i went to the city to a new hip bar/record store that keeps hip hours and stocks boring garage sale records. They’re too cool to sort and categorise what they have, and there were so many “almost” records there that hinted maybe there was something worthwhile stray in that mess, and i don’t live for much else, so i spent some time there. And i found this album! Finally! I’ve had it for years but in a less than legal copy, so as of last night i now own it uncriminally, physically, and now own the complete Mr. T Experience LP discography!

Fifteen plus years, second hand record store after second hand record store after distro after record fair vendor – it’s all here. I’ve never actively looked for any of it, never trawled ebay or made any effort whatsoever, i don’t think i’ve ever payed more than $15 for any of them, and in this city, in this country, the lame, boring places i go, at long last i have them all. This is a big day for me. My EP discography of theirs is near complete too. It’s just a matter of time.

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Another Yesterday

Another yesterday – The Mr. T Experience

It’s funny how integrally linked you can be to the listening experience you’ve found and kept some albums under, however inferior. Here i am for the first time in my life with, take a few kHz, the optimal, intended version of this song and i can’t help but feel it doesn’t sound right. The truth of my $10 secondhand copy of Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You that i’ve lived with for so long, with blown out bass and fuzz, especially as the needle works its way closer to the centre to where this song is, just isn’t found here. I miss it. Do i have to reconcile myself with this mp3 and the model of perfection it represents? Of course i’m going to keep it the way i always have. It’s grown to mean too much to me.

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You’re the only one – The Mr. T Experience

This is my drum packing away song, because when i listen to Love Is Dead it always only seems to be when i play drums to it. I’m a busy man and i’m not going to sit through this mostly drumless song to hit the same pattern of things for thirty seconds at the end. I can get a head start. Make excellent time. As such, it is probably the Mr. T Experience song thats drum part i know best, because i’m not ever drowning it out with my own wrong approximation. So to this song are triggered memories of spinning wing nuts, taking down cymbals, tying up speaker cable and moving my kit back to its resting place. It’s a funny thing to have a song remind you of, but if you live with things long enough they’ll come to mean things in the oddest little corners of your life.

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Makeup – Mr. T Experience

Every Mr. T Experience song that comes up here seems to be from Milk Milk Lemonade, an album Ben Weasel called the worst ever recorded. As usual he’s wrong, but that doesn’t mean his obstinance didn’t for a while impact on the me who had never heard the album. It was the last Mr. T Experience i got around to, precisely for the consternation Mr. Must-have-myopic-punk-protectionist-opinions-on-everything stirred in me. And lo and behold it is one of their best. I think it is the ambition with which the band went about Milk Milk Lemonade that irked him so. It is an ambition that pays off wonderfully for this listener.

The only thing i am grateful for in being an adult is that i can now discriminate, declare myself, author my own prejudices, rather than heed snarky, opinionated, authoritative elders, believing they must be on to something solely because they are older. No one knows anything, kids.

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What do You Want?

What do you want? – The Mr. T Experience

Continuing our season of pop punk classics, here’s the Mr. T Experience. Brilliant and boundlessly wordsmithy Dr. Frank was as a lyricist, it is in my opinion that, although it is all so consistently marvelous, there was never a better line written than “Meet me at the laundromat, that’s where i do my laundry.”

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See It Now

See it now – The Mr. T Experience

This song has all the hallmarks of a closing song. It’s slower, more contemplative, serious, carries more weight, is meant to carry more weight, designed to leave you with all of what the album is meant to, a closing statement, and when converted to mp3 from CD it has seven minutes of silence where the gap between it and the secret track remains in all its waste of file space. It’s something i could fix, probably. I haven’t. Milk Milk Lemonade is the best Mr. T Experience album. I see that now.

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Master of the situation – The Mr. T Experience

I boarded the MTX Starship during their exemplary pop punk power trio era of the later half of the 90’s, so imagine my surprise delving backwards and finding the guitar stylings of one Jon Von Zelowitz licking and leading all over the place. This song is his showpiece. He reaches such crazy heights with the soloing towards the end it’s as though we’ve left the starship and have boarded some Turbonegro song. I know that’s probably a poor comparison, but Turbonegro are really the only guitar-solos-everywhere band i can think to use as an example.

It is so great to hear, so pumping, so exactly what guitar music is supposed to do, even though i’m usually opposed to such things. It’s still all the Mr. T Experience though, dorky, hooky, fantastic, with Frank’s lyrics and rhymes here now as good as they ever were. The best. One of my most favourite bands. I’ve never bought a record of theirs first hand, and never sought them out on ebay or anywhere else, but, through a whole lot of stumbling upon, i nearly have them all.

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Book of revelation – The Mr. T Experience

I posted the Fastbacks’ cover last time, so the Mr. T Experience original this time. I’m not sure why, of all the songs in the world, of all the bands in the world, the Fastbacks would choose to cover this song. There’s probably a connection i’m not aware of. Like maybe the female voice (if it is a female voice) at the end is Lulu or Kim’s. Or maybe i have the profile of the Fastbacks inflated in my mind, and it makes sense that the two bands played with and supported one another. Oh well. This is the Mr. T Experience in what have actually have been their classic line up, but before their recognized classic line up, with Jon Von on second guitar and all the fiddly parts he played. The Mr. T Experience’s Kurt Bloch.

3 women

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Love Is Dead

Love is dead – Mr. T Experience

Is this really the first MTX (MTX is a nickname, nicknames are for friends, the Mr. T Experience is a friend of mine) song i’ve posted? I guess in these years their prominence in my life has been diluted somewhat with the discovery of, attachment to and passion for so many other bands and other types of music. Still, they’re the best. In songwriting, craft, lyrics, amiability, duration, etc. they are the best pop punk band, in every form they’ve taken over their 20+ year lifespan. No one writes lyrics as great as Dr. Frank. No one churns out as many metaphors for the broken or taped up heart as Dr. Frank.

It’s really the perfect music for me. No matter how i change, where i go, what i hide, who i pretend to be, now or in the future, my essence – me at the core – is always some nerd affected in the most direct and exhilarating of ways by the words and music of the Mr. T Experience.

communion of holy terror

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