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You’ll never know – Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipators

Well this is just weird and awkward. Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipators is this friend of mine Glen’s Garageband (i think. Ipod is to mp3 player as Garageband is to DAW) thing he did a few years ago by himself out of his filthy flat. It’s something i don’t think he knows i have, nor that the only fifteen plays his project has on lastfm come uniquely from this computer. And it’s something i don’t think either of us would have expected to ever be in my head.

So this post could be the unsanctioned, unwanted music blog airing his band has been waiting for, complete with myspace link. And the can’t-say-anything-nice, eggshell-stepping self-censorship talking about the familiar obliges. I’m kidding! Though i could be the life and death of this. I didn’t know he had this in him. It doesn’t sit well with his inseparable internet and outside of the internet persona. He makes bloopy stuff, Neutral Milk Hotel stuff, other stuff the influences aren’t all that apparent to out of touch me, and this is his complicated love song. I had to actually check who this song was by one time it came around on shuffle. It surprised me no end. The things we do by ourselves for ourselves as ourselves. It is better than anything i could ever do. It is something actually done, for starters.

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