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Count To Ten

Count to ten – The Softies

So this happened last weekend in a place very far away, though oddly proximal to a lot of other things i wish i could have gone to see over the years. Hmmm. The Softies and the Aislers Set are who i wish i could have seen. Nothing would have changed with them. The other bands are enough to remain for me as relics in an unreturnable, unreformed past.

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Postal Blue

Postal blue – The Softies

Probably the sweetest band i know. And quite often the saddest, most isolating, most gentle, tether-to-this-earth cutting band i know. This is my one band everyone else seems to have many of – mood setting music for those down times, those alone times. I’ll listen to the Softies whenever, though, so i’m still not as grown up, distinct in and distributive of my moods and mood setters as i should be.

late spring

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