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Our Love Is Heavenly

Our love is heavenly – Heavenly

Everybody write your local dictionary person and petition them to change the definition of heavenly to: of or pertaining to the band Heavenly. Turn the band itself into an adjective. Then the love that is heavenly is made a love that is everything the band is. They’re synonymous anyway – Heavenly is heavenly; heavenly, Heavenly. A more fitting name for a band i don’t believe exists.

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Different Day

Different day – Heavenly

I think this might be my favourite child i mean Heavenly song. But now i remember there are all those other Heavenly songs and i guess i have to reassess things. A number of their songs could replace it, but it mostly rests with whatever i am listening to or have stuck in my head at the time; it so much overwhelming any other song nor the need to listen to any other song ever again. This morning it’s this.

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Friday, July 6th:
Scared – Verbal Assault

Saturday, July 7th:
Tool – Heavenly

Sunday, July 8th:
Daydreamer – Merel

(a live version because i couldn’t find mp3s for Superpowers)

Monday, July 9th:
JM y la furgoneta azul – Juniper Moon

Tuesday, July 10th:
Hey U – Venny

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Starshy – Heavenly

The warmest opening to an album ever. One chord at an ever-felicitous tempo, compressed to the blanketest of fidelities, and then it becomes a Heavenly song and even better. Here’s a picture of the biggest injoke in the world:

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I fell in love last night – Heavenly

I’m glad this song came up because it gives me a reason to finally change the mp3s i have of this single. For some reason both this and the b-side cut off around 3 minutes in. Perhaps it was a punishment, a revenge, dished out by the uploader to this free-grabbing mp3 generation. Well, everything being available to everyone regardless of… merit, i found another copy but i’m not sure it is the best. Recorded straight from the single, the crackling completely obscures the Pee Wee Herman quote at the beginning, and i’m not sure but i think it’s playing at the wrong speed. Just a little too slowly. Yeah, this is nauseatingly slow. Amelia sounds like Nico. Another revenge.

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P.U.N.K. Girl

P.U.N.K. girl – Heavenly

Yes! Another acrostic song.
P is for the painful way she makes me feel some days.
U is for Utopia, the other times with her.
N is for the new wave dreams she had back in her teens.
K is for the kid in her,
my P.U.N.K. girl.

Everything the song needs to express in four letters, unfolding out to four lines. Of course there are the rest of the lyrics, expanding and contextualising it, it becoming at once a pedestal and a “why can’t you be more like…” song. With Hearts and Crosses on the other side, this single is one powerful riot girl-contemporary statement.

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I’m not scared of you – Heavenly

If pop music in various roundabout ways is an edict of relationship advice (and when has it ever not been?), then this song is one of the more heedworthy admonitions in any song/heartbook. To not be afraid, threatened, held to ransom, duped… Amelia, she with the most capricious of hearts, knows what’s up.

And twenty years later she’s still hugging that guitar, this time in Tender Trap. They’re new album is very good, by the way.

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