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Streets don’t close – Sommerset

The riff to this song sounds a lot like one from a Hot Water Music song. I don’t know what that song is called (i don’t really know the titles of any Hot Water Music songs despite them being a rather important band to me) but you’ll know it when you hear it. It’s off Fuel For The Hate Game. One of the first places i heard Hot Water Music’s name was in a Sommerset interview, so it’s not like they themselves couldn’t pick up how near identical it sounds. Yet they went with it anyway. I think this song was the single off this album, or at least the one they made the promotional video for. It figures. It’s my least favourite.

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The Three R’s

The three R’s – Sommerset

Ha. I just opened this CD to rip this song and the grimiest of guitar picks from who knows when fell out. I’m disgusting.

I saw Sommerset only twice, and each of those times at opposite ends of this curve of normal distribution my reverence for the band took. The first time was the same as with so many bands i can lay claim to seeing without actually planning to or being cool enough to know what i was doing or what i was in for – at a matinee at the Iron Duke. And they were terrible! Sound problems, messing up their songs, indifferent crowd, basketball jerseys – a good impression was not made, and i was probably too into ska at the time to see clearly. I think they played with 28 Days.

Then about seven years passed. In that meantime i bought More Songs, called myself a fool for ever thinking poorly of this band, played it to death, and managed to not once see them again. Fast Cars, Slow Guitars came out in 2001(?) and it was even better (though from this retrospect maybe not) and played even further to death. This was the peak of the bell for me, still managing, as i am very adept, to stay at home every opportunity.

Then Sommerset seemed to disappear. Or maybe i disappeared. Not a trace, until i came upon mention of a new album and a show supporting Strike Anywhere. Bells on. And they were terrible! Slowed down, rockier, boring, hardly any of the songs played were those that raised that curve so high, and Ryan wore a stupid hat that may have had a feather attached. I did not buy that new album.

And, sadly, that was it for me and Sommerset. There was a whole lot of moving on done by me by then, so it’s not entirely the band’s fault. They released two really great albums at important times in my life, soundtracked them well, and are still fantastic to listen to. Sommerset, from Auckland, New Zealand.


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