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Snakeout – Rain

I remember once i played this song in company. I had a stereo under my control, which is not a power i like to wield for all the expectation co-occurrent and the apprehension with which i meet such expectation. I am no DJ, or i’m an entirely self-absorbed DJ with no consideration of a crowd, or i am just a really terrible DJ who couldn’t craft a playlist to save his life. Many can attest to this. I’m not given this power very often. It seems i am granted a chance once, in new company (or forgetful company), blowing it every time and resuming my role as passive listener. It’s a role i prefer, honestly, but having the ability to play music others would want to listen to would be nice.

Every right choice i think i’ve made falls on disinterested, objectioning, or offended ears. Snakeout is a right choice. Isn’t it? To couple each abomination of a song choice comes my complete inability to read people. Of course think everything i do amounts to failure if it amounts to anything less than elation and life changing revelation on part of the listener. I have no idea. I should ask “Heya, didja like that one?!” and find out how much of people’s patience i’m testing.

I played this on a stereo with only one channel. I played this as background music. I played this with all assurance someone would like it. I played this silently pleading for someone to take it as a great song – it to hit them as it hit and was hitting me. I played this and no one said a word. I listened to every part of it, every sublime part, hoping upon hope others were hearing it as i heard it. I’m not sure they did. It’s too traumatic, this music offering business.

zombie creeping flesh


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Snakeout – Rain

From one of the worst songs to what i think is one of the best. What does that say about me? Of the seven or eight songs Rain made available to us, it is my favourite. The “whoa” in the background during the break, the quarter time of the verse, the two guitars, the vocals, the snare drum sound that i can’t for the life of me figure out how to emulate – all perfect. Why this isn’t considered more essential and name-dropped with the same sanctioned, genre-defining assuredness as Rites of Spring or Embrace i’ll never know. Oh, right, Dischord.

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Rivers – Rain

Another band Lawrence brought to my life. I no doubt would have discovered Rain on my own eventually, at the point of the CD reissue of their album if not sooner, but there Lawrence was, antecedent to any other influence i had.

It was on my first ever visit to his house, for the inaugural practise of what would become Bene Gesserit after they stopped calling me and recruited that other guy. I was extraordinarily scared about the whole visit, doing my wait outside the door trying to build the courage to knock until someone comes and opens it for themselves, finding me out there, hand poised to knock, and we can laugh “oh did you just get here,” “yeah i just got here” thing that i do too often still. I probably set a record this day. I can’t remember if i knocked myself or not. Embarrassed regularly, from that i walked all the way to Meadowbank station to his house, to that i wore size 36 trousers that day, to my drumming, to ultimately me trying to keep up and my lack of knowledge in a field that was our shared preoccupation.

“Have you heard Rain?”

“Raein? Yeah, that band is a good band.”

“No, no, no…” And we proceeded to his computer, where he played his collection of Rain mp3s to me, to my complete revelment, like as though i thought i had eaten all the red licorice in my house and, demoralised, open the pantry only to reveal an extra packet hidden behind the cornflour. A whole other band, an incredible band, playing revolution summer DC music and coexistent with that scene, who were not given sufficient esteem by history, allowing me to go all that time without even being aware of their name. Another example – the first ever – of Lawrence, of all my friends, opening up wonderful worlds to me.


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