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Am i contributing further evidence towards me being terribly unhip if i say that i prefer the Reach Out side of this record to the Honeywell one? It’s just that this record goes (or at least went – i haven’t checked for years) for big bucks on ebay and i can’t imagine it’s for plain, old, disesteemed Reach Out. Knowing both bands as i slightly as i do, but still beyond any capacity i should have of small bands from a concentrated scene with concentrated reach, and being somewhat more familiar with Reach Out, i declare that Honeywell are the “cooler” band here. When the majority of us began to get excited about this all, it was the intensity, the crypticness, the evanescence, the atmosphere, the general over-the-top-ness that caught us most, limited to records, record inserts and what we could squeeze out of the internet. Reach Out always have seemed more rooted, less mystical, and more of just a hardcore band than that, especially since i saw them referred to once as xReach Outx. It doesn’t make them any more or less a worthy or commanding band, just, of the two here on this one record, i like them more.

david and lisa

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