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Strutter – KISS

When i was a young there was a family who lived near my grandparents whose kids we would play with, forming those unquestioning bonds as only children do. Their family was very much into Kiss. Kiss and exclusively Kiss blaring out over the whole neighbourhood every weekend through a shitty stereo whose bass was always set too high, as we played cricket, ran around the reserve, played their Master System, rode our bikes, etc. They were probably in the Kiss Army. They were patriotic enough.

As well as Kiss, their family as very much into lollies. Coming from a lolly-less household (or if ever there was some it was home-made and carefully portioned out), to a house were it flowed as freely as the Kiss music was a very exciting thing indeed. Or at least it was until my sister and i had the chance to taste it. It was some of the cheapest, most synthetic, most revolting stuff i have ever eaten. It was sub-Go Lo. Sub-no name showbag. I don’t know what those sticky hand things you flick at things taste like, but if texture indicates taste there you go.

Maybe it’s a linking through trauma, but Kiss have always been to me just as repellant. It’s candy/rock’n’roll so i’m excited, but it’s so poisonous and repulsive boy do i ever want to throw up and never eat/listen to them again. Kiss are gross.

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