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If You Don’t

If you don’t – The Ergs!

Remember when the Ergs were just some upstart band and not the ambassadors and perceived height of pop punk in the 2000’s, nor the promise that they one day would be? When they were just a side/new project of Dirt Bike Annie, awash in a sea of now forgotten, overshadowed pop punk bands, when they were still playing it somewhat safe, when they weren’t headlining every “fest”, when they hadn’t released a million posthumous records, when no one seemed to know about them? Before Dorkrockcordrod. It’s funny to think of them back then, as just another band that could have always remained just another band. Obviously that didn’t happen. It was fun to grow with them, be outpaced by them, be outpaced by other fans. This is the version off f’n.

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Books About Miles Davis

Books about Miles Davis – The Ergs!

I’ve never read a book about Miles Davis, but the only the place i could think that Mikey Erg would quit his job, sell that vacant lot he calls his life and settle down someplace he’s only read about in those books would be that barn of Miles’ father’s that he locked himself alone in to beat his heroin addiction. It’s probably not that place. It’s just the only fact i know about the man.

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Most Violent Rap Group

Most violent rap group – The Ergs!

Dorkrockcorkrod flows from song to song so wonderfully, especially on the first side, that it feels weird to isolate one away from the others. There is something off in this song not being the kick in the pants following the half-time extended guitar jam of Fishbulb (two Simpsons references in a row!), or having the drumroll change tempo and lead into Pray For Rain. In this case, where does the drumroll go? Nowhere, that’s where. This memory and expectation of the album as a whole leads to one hell of an anti-climax. Maybe i will listen to it. Maybe you should buy it.

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It’s Like I Say, Y’Know

It’s like i say, y’know – The Ergs!

An Ergs song that Jeff wrote and sings. And it’s one of a sentiment i am entirely behind. It’s like I always say, y’know. Watching the world go by, change, lose things, without you having done a thing to aid it, and without you being able to do a thing to stop it.

This is a really great song. Like beyond the genre restrictions and people’s aspersive expectations of pop punk great. I don’t know why more people don’t like the Ergs. And it starts, as with the first song on their side of this record, with a Dirty Work quote. More reasons to love it.

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August 19th

August 19th – The Ergs

Another indication that i should be completely embarrassed and inhibited at telling the world what music i like. I do love it, the album is one of my favourites, but it is a shamed love and a love that i dare never advertise to a world on whose opinion of me and my scant credibility i live and die. I fully realise their is a support network for the Ergs, who appreciate their brilliance and don’t much care for the opinion of certain proprietors of the hip, but sometimes i do care. And sometimes i don’t, and feel fantastic.

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