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I’m in a drawn out process of moving house, so that’s why. School on top of that and no internet there yet, some things have to be put aside. As catchup:

Thursday, March 14th
Bad for good – Jim Steinman

Friday, March 15th
Two out of three ain’t bad – Meat Loaf

Saturday, March 16th
Final day – Young Marble Giants

Sunday, March 17th
In the city – The Jam

Monday, March 18th
You keep me hanging on – Vanilla Fudge

Listen to those in order and maybe you can draw a narrative of my experience these past few days. Maybe not.

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In The City

In the city – The Jam

Timely (and placely). Well i am a few days late. I live in a news-less bubble that i am ashamed of but still remain in because of the hours i keep and other privileged, lazy factors. And the fact that i just can’t still use the internet as a news source. I still don’t have a full grasp of what has been happening. Not least the grasp i wish i had. I said i was ashamed.

Anyway it seems kind of spurious to connect this song and those who sing it and the youth it is sung to to the things that have happened in England these last few days. But as attention shifts from all that burst that unrest to violence, looting and property damage; as real concern and impetus is co-opted into and obscured by news-friendly hooliganism; as comment becomes more and more that of the media, authorities, and others secluded, dimly asking “why?”; as lessons that ought to be learned are put aside for a want to clean up, punish and forget about it – a song imploring that youth be heard is a germane one.

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Away From The Numbers

Away from the numbers – The Jam

Again, among those records my mother passed to me were some by the Jam. She had good taste, my mum. There are still crates back at home of things i don’t now nor can ever see a want for, but that’s offset by the tales she tells of those things she sold to support us, or those things that were stolen by the slimey people she knew when she was younger. This is a great song, perfectly placed on the album.

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