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Two Tub Man

Two tub man – The Dictators

How can a band be so ridiculous, so over the top, so cartoony, so much a parody on a template, yet have no real contemporary in music, no model from which to be a parody of? Being so archetypal. Music doesn’t work this way. Ridiculous and ridiculously good bands can always be traced.

Sure there was the Stooges and MC5, and the countless garage bands feeding them, but nothing of a direct link in tempo, in dumbness of music, and nothing in humour, brattishness and sleaze. I know nothing of what influenced the Dictators, or the time the played all this. Maybe something beyond music. Movies, cartoons, New York City, professional wrestling. Music can’t always be measured by similarity or deviation from other music. The Dictators from 1975, with Two Tub Man off of Go Girl Crazy.

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