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Today: Pain – Die Kreuzen

Yesterday: Mugo n Iroppoi – Kudo Shizuka

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Get ‘Em

Get ’em – Die Kreuzen

God the vocals on this. And they only get more insane as the album goes on. This is song number seven; there are twenty all up. It’s though the whole thing was recorded in sequence and in one take; the scratches in his voice routing deeper and deeper until the last song, No Name, is just a double-tracked, indecipherable, screeching mess of splinters. I bounce between the album and the Cows and Beer 7″ in preference, but it always comes back to these vocals. The greatest US hardcore album of the 80’s.

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Mirror – Death Side

Before owning this album and reading the lyric sheet, through mishearing and being so much taken with Death Side’s music that the lyrics could take a side role, i always was under the impression the things Ishiya was saying was an ignorable, inconsequential mess of words that sound cool. But no, his is some really profound, unique stuff. What i heard as “Look in the mirror, you will find fear,” turned out to be “Look into the mirror, you’ll never find your real figure,” and oh my this is really something else. The whole album is strangely deep like that. There is a distinct, creative, knotted, intense mind behind these words, now doubling my appreciation of the band. And that’s just the English lyrics i can understand. A side note on the dumbness of my prejudging the quality of Ishiya’s lyrics based only on what he sings in English. Now i’m left to wonder how incredible those words in his native tongue are.

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내가 그럴려고 그러는건 아닌데 – Ego Function Error

No mp3 because i don’t think they’ve recorded yet. I could be wrong on that, but i’ve looked as hard as anyone has set out to do anything and came up with nothing. What i do have to subsist on, and how i found out about them, is through the below video:

I’m in love. My new favourite band. From South Korea, bratty as anything, they remind me of and excite me every bit as much as Tunabunny or some of the Slampt bands, but run through a more openly rock/soul/psych tone which the square in me would usually be against but here works so completely. They do a note perfect cover of Green Onions fer cryin’ out loud. And as always i’m here and they’re there, and while there are bands here that i love, oh man i wish i were there and amongst it. There’s another wider video of this show and showing some too cool for it people in the audience chatting away. I wish i could be there just to redress that. To give them as much due worship as is personally possible.

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Don’t Say You Love Me

Don’t say you love me – M2M

This was in the first Pokemon movie. On the basis of the kind of fandom that Pokemon has, coupled with the girls in M2M’s age at the time and their all-Norwegian spritely-ness, i guarantee some small but weird and obsessive fandom follows them around to this day, ten years after they broke up. The kind of romantic yet sociopathic one where over time if connection and ardour are maintained – if their poster remains up on your wall and if your webringed, tripod fansite is maintained – and the girls’ respective stars remain small enough, it seems more and more possible that they will notice you and fall for you as you have them. It happens on the Vegas circuit all the time.

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Big Me

Big me – Foo Fighters

If i had had any money when i was younger i probably would own the first Foo Fighters album. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, because while i would own what i still think might be a good album, it may have set my life on a different course – one i’m very glad to have steered clear of, namely a life with more Foo Fighters albums and more time spent with Dave Grohl and the horrible places he and his facial hair subsequently went. But this album’s ok. At least i think it might be. I’ve not ever heard it outside of its singles, and coming at those songs now i might be influenced by what has evidenced itself over the years with the band.

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Yesterday: Kagami no naka no watashi – Yoshizawa Akie

Today: Royals – Lorde

Which teenage popstar carries with her the more affecting, less affected semblance? The openly manufactured, inadequately talented 1980’s Japanese girl, or the covertly manufactured modern day New Zealand equivalent?

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