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Different drum – Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies

One of the many good things Michael Nesmith has done in his lifetime. From writing this song, to all others he authored, to producing Repo Man, to Elephant Parts, to punching a hole in the Monkees’ manager’s wall, to his Pacific Arts company, to other things i’m sure are great but i’m unaware of, to just being the Monkee with the hat. He was my mum’s favourite Monkee, and i guess mine too.

I don’t know enough about Linda Ronstadt to list the great or not-so-great things she has done. This may be the only song i’ve ever heard and acknowledged as being her’s. I am sure there are others woven into the fabric of popular memory that i have heard in passing without ever bothering to attribute to anyone. I know early punk rock wasn’t a fan of her’s, but they weren’t a fan of a lot of good things.

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