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Think Right/Straight ahead – Straight Ahead

“The End the Warzone version is better. The best song by the best New York Hardcore band, if that grouping is not reduced to merely geography. I’ve heard Regan Youth and Born Against categorised as NYHC, and you can still send mail to ABC No Rio at 156 Rivington Street, New York, NY, but yes i’m full aware that the term, and all that pride betiding, and all the vapidity betiding that, was coined long before those party poopers came into being. And was a principal motive for them coming it to being. Intelligibility of the label cannot be consigned to something as simple as geography. There is something there, something apparent that fits a band to that label. It is maybe slightly a fixed sound but moreso it is a brand and the willingness to take part in it, to brand yourself NYHC.

It is a club, set to the same expectations and acceptable thought and behaviour – banal, conservative, hard. Repeating what bands have done in the past, aligned with what bands are doing in your present. There are rules. I know this is misguided but i just like to think Straight Ahead were different and exceptional to a lot of other bands under that umbrella. They were, musically at least. Youth of Today, Token Entry, Gorilla Biscuits, etc. were all great, but i really just do not like Cro Mags or Madball and how any mention of NYHC connotes this type of band, this type of meatheadedness. Straight Ahead, through their vanguardish place in NYHC lineage, are lumped in with that. Of that, the accepted NYHC, they are the best band.

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