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Psychic Twin

Psychic twin – The No-No’s

Who remembers the No-No’s? What became of the No-No’s? They are band i found out through one of those old Internet 1.0 methods like mp3.com or Epitonic. I think i was on a similar artists search for Sleater-Kinney when i found them, and i guess it matches in that recommended-if-you-like way that is never exactly close. A female-membered guitar band from Portland? Have another female-membered guitar band from Portland. What i did find in the No-No’s was a poppy throwback rock band with very loud, nasal vocals and hooks galore who made their way on to most of the mixtapes i made around 2002.

It was actually through listening to a draft tape recently that i found this song and remembered them. It’s still good, but the years have dampened it a little for me. It’s now maybe a little too overconfident for my liking, but let’s not reprimand people for being confident. I think maybe what i’m seeing as overconfidence might just be it falling more towards rock than punk. But where does confidence come from? Doing calculated things to assured favourable reception. A guitar in one’s hand.

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