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Young and free? – Terror Firma

I have written exactly three letters to bands. Once to Far Left Limit, once to Atom and his Package, and once to Terror Firma. Going from this wide-eyed, fledgling kid new to this whole hardcore thing, with Plea of Insanity (alone for the purpose of this entry) amazing me and forming me, following that (well Jacquie) to Terror Firma with even wider eyes… Yes, it was a good time to be as susceptible as i was to this music and the efforts and pourings out of the bands i found.

I wrote a letter, accompanying a t shirt order, to the band, trying to articulate to them what they, in their seemingly casual approach to the band, could and did mean to someone. I heard Dase pinned it up on his wall. That’s nice. I think i’d be embarrassed to read it again, but i meant, and still mean, every word.
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