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Al Amanecer

Al amanecer – Los Fresones Rebeldes

Another great Spanish band of years past who sang in Spanish. And they weren’t on Elefant, which goes to show there were/are whole other scenes to that one. Maybe Los Fresones Rebeldes being from Barcelona put them automatically in an other scene. What do i know? I’m piecing this together knowing nothing except what i scrape together and put through google translate. Anyway, Los Fresones Rebeldes – a great Spanish band i found out ten years too late, 15,000 kilometres too far away.

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Safety net – Shop Assistants

I think there’s another song by another band that starts with this exact same floor tom-snare drum beat, this exact same bass line, with the guitar coming in at the exact same time, and i might actually have that song in my head. A more menacing, intense song. Or, to put it a better way: A differently, more conventionally menacing, intense song. An American band. But, seeing as though i can’t figure out who sang that song, let’s rejoice in another Shop Assistants song.

EDIT: I don’t usually get to do this but i figured that other song, i think. It’s Cover Band by Redd Kross, or Red Cross as they were known then. I guess they’re kind of similar.

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Dick Clark

Dick Clark – Great Plains

I had to help my mum move out of our old home today, so that is why this is so late. A big day, and Great Plains’ Dick Clark was in my head at the beginning of it. Writing these every day, it’s a lot less of a diary than it could be. These songs are just songs. They indicate nothing of what i do, where i go, and how i feel during the days they begin. This song has no link to what we did today, other than today we left permanently the house where i first heard it.

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Come Back Jonee

Come back Jonee – Devo

If i were an American in the early 70’s and applying for colleges, knowing what i know, picking from history, i would choose Kent State, Ohio. From what i’ve seen it’s a really pretty campus, and is an excellent academic and research school, but oh to see those early Devo shows.

Actually, i imagine it would be a difficult time. The shootings being so recent and the very real yet muted pain and anger that lingered in memory and legal battles would not have been the best thing to live through, let alone study. Devo were an expression of that.

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Busy – Jawbreaker

Apparently Jawbreaker stopped playing this song around 1989, refusing all requests for it in the remaining seven years they were a band. I don’t know why. There is probably a good reason for it. Being respectful about something, to someone, maybe? No longer wanting to stir up this song’s cause and sentiment? To be dicks to their audience? I would never shout out for it, but i would stand there in silent, earnest, telepathic hope that they would play it. I’d leave disappointed, but at least i wasn’t one of those people who shouts requests at bands. It is one of their very best songs. The opening 5-0-3 guitar line and how it returns after the breakdown in the middle.

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Something Going On – The Pastels

I watched Upside Down: The Creation Records Story last night and of course it wasn’t good enough for me. It wasn’t made for me. It should have been called “Breezy excerpts from the Creation Records story: Catalogue numbers 12, 15, 55, 57, 70, 73, 87, 96… blah, etc. with whatever drug stories interesting enough.” Primal Scream, Oasis. You get it. It was bound to be this way. I think i would need a 12 part mini-series dedicated to archival thoroughness and not box-office and DVD sales/ratings to be anywhere nearly satisfied. Who wants to hear the story of the Jasmine Minks, Biff Bang Pow!, The Bodines, or the Pastels’ Creation excursions? Oasis, that’s the cheese.

There were flyers and background audio of most of the bands i naively came for, and one line interviews from people who would pop up once only to be never heard from again, so i didn’t leave completely disappointed. Even the parts on Teenage Fanclub, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine seemed to skim through. There just wasn’t enough time, and things might not have been compelling enough for the feature length. The perils of making by the numbers documentaries. I worry about the upcoming Sarah Records one.

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Breaking up is hard to do – Neil Sedaka

In figuring out that Buddy Holly song yesterday i went through what seemed like a thousand other songs of its vintage trying to find it. Rock/R&B, male vocals, late 50’s/early 60’s – that’s the world i had to scour. Understandably, a lot of them stuck with me in my head throughout yesterday, and this song was there when i woke up today.

Neil Sedaka was actually my first guess for yesterday’s song. That’s how completely off track i was. I just don’t know my male vocalists. Give me female vocals, solo or group, and watch me turn into an encyclopaedia, but the male stuff i just don’t know. It probably says a lot about me, in who i want to listen to, who i’m susceptible to, whose stories and frame i set store by. That’s dumb.

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