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Say No Go

Say no go – De La Soul

One of my formative straight edge anthems. I’m sorry, but if De La Soul and a recontextualised Hall and Oates tell me to, i’m going to say “No go” to such boring and socially harmful levels well past the time i should have joined in on the party. I think i’m fun to hang around…

I know this song is over twenty years old, and is exactly the kind of safe, bitches and bling-less (even though it’s still not immune) hip hop congenial to the suburban, white experience, but i still believe it to be one of the greatest songs from one of the greatest albums to be found in this music.

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Transmitting live from Mars – De La Soul

I still remember as a kid the mess of legal procedures the sampling of You Showed Me in this song caused, marking the last great grasp for complete white, industry-led, legitimate, rockist control of the music industry. It made me hate the Turtles forever (even though i will gladly listen to their songs and appreciate them whenever played), siding unhesitatingly with De La Soul. Only later did i come to realise the larger consequence of such crybabying, that it was another in a series of pathetic obstructions the music industry and white America lay before hip hop and its ascendancy. Sampling legal battles joined the PMRC, no support from radio or MTV, propagated fear of the black man, and continued segregation from the larger, more authentic music world in the campaign to suppress this music and keep it in the control of the flabby hands of the white, male, industry old guard.

When there is money to be made, it will be sold. And when money is made, it will be filched – diverted into the hands of those who see it as rightfully theirs. I realise i have never produced any recorded music, but i believe in fair use. This song: Fair use. The Bomb Squad: Fair use. Sampling, anytime, no matter how genius or uninspired: Fair use. That Biz Markie song… I’m not sure. Actually i am – fair use. I appreciate people want credit for such use, but to bring it to litigation, to courts, to grand statements of ownership, of tampering, of theft, to delegate genius, to put price on sometimes not even five seconds of music, that five seconds transformed into something incredible, something new – i don’t like that. Which is the better song? This or You Showed Me. You Showed Me never went into Eye Know.

parting glances

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