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See Emily Play

See Emily play – Pink Floyd

It heartens me to know that history, if it hasn’t already, will show Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd to be the more influential and the only Pink Floyd worth keeping. With the rest left to continue its mortification in the hands of cover bands, a dinosaur music industry and ineffectual music consumers whose lives are conveniently wrapped up and catered to by Mojo magazine. It is sad what happened to him, and i can’t say that the Pink Floyd beyond him would not have gone down exactly the same path had he been allowed to stay… no, i’m sure it wouldn’t have because his “erratic and unpredictable behaviour” was ousted precisely because it was a threat to the commercial success of the group, and what is without him is completely void of his songwriting genius.

Anyway, i don’t want to join a world that cares about musical health above personal health. A retreat to a private life seemed more beneficial to him than a million pompous and boring sunrise performances Pompeii. My favourite stream of British pop music stems from him, lying in tribute directly or indirectly (take the Columbia records imprint and catalogue number from the cover if this single and stick a “Distributed by the Cartel” sticker on the back of it and see). If he was happy at the end of his life, with his family, his gardening and his art, what really is lost?

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