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Be My Friend

Be my friend – Boyz & Girl

This has been a long time coming. It has to be one of my favourite songs of all time. I would go ahead and rank it very highly, number three, two, or one even, if i weren’t so steadfast on what’s there already forever meaning the most anything could ever mean to me. One would think i would have something to say about such a song, but nope. It’s just perfect. I have to thank Shaun Tenzenmen for giving them to me, finally recommending me something that wasn’t screamo for a change. He probably still has copies of their album in that incredible and incredibly underutilised distro of his. He works so hard and puts so much into things. Too much. A lesser person would have given up years ago, though i do think he is having some luck as the English speaking world’s foremost curator of Chinese (and elsewhere) indie music. I’ve seen his garage. It’s something, let me tell you.

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