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Sweater – Eskimo Joe

I first heard this memorial of late 90’s youth of a song maybe the first time it was ever played on radio, driving with my mum to visit my sister at Sydney Children’s Hospital. It’s for me forever linked to that. I remember it being introduced with such importance, that it clearly was a next big thing.

Until they became that next big thing, and sacrificed every bit of fun, goofiness, unaffectedness in image and sound, and decent song writing along the way, they were actually quite good, i thought. That other song of theirs, about turning up the stereo, was great! Then the long decline happened. Oh well. It goes to show to be truly successful in the Australian music industry – in sales, radio play, ARIA awards, Neighbours/Home and Away/etc. incidental music, the veneration of idiots – you must be horrible.

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