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I can’t break it to my heart – Delta Goodrem

I can’t believe how many Delta Goodrem songs have come up here. I mean it’s only a few, but the spread of things here still makes it a good many. I am Australian, have ears, and those ears are (or were) often in places her music was aired (i.e. Australia), but every time a song comes up here it is due to my work. Delta Goodrem falls on the less hellish things i’m exposed to there. I will quit after Christmas. I mean it. It turns out i have a high threshold to misery, but i’ve reached it.

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Not Me, Not I

Not me, not i – Delta Goodrem

Where is Delta Goodrem now? It just seems like i should know, being an Australian citizen and all. I’m sure she not a recluse and is busy doing something career furthering and befitting, and i’m sure whatever that is is well press-released and easily found out. I’m too lazy and indifferent to look. If i watched TV or read tabloid magazines i’m sure i’d know. But no, i have no idea. When was the last time she even released a song? When was the last time she did anything? It’s just i didn’t think we would let go of this “national treasure” as easily and as quietly as it seems we have. A scandal? A baby? America? A rest?

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Lost without you – Delta Goodrem

I forgot this was a Delta Goodrem song. I doubt i ever took note it was a Delta Goodrem song, letting it wash over me and worm it’s way into my subconscious as it plays over the PA at work, just as it’s played over work PAs, radios and televisions everywhere since it was first released. These songs – these ubiquitous, insidious, prescribed songs – these few songs we’re allowed to have, that are allowed unchallenged public broadcast, seem to strip all sense of authorship so that, if i don’t have some contact with the song or any ownership beyond having the requisite ears for muzak, the song comes to exist as just another in a mass of faint memories of anonymous hit singles. It is remembered only as a tune, not as someone’s work.

It is a catchy song. It would be better had it better production. You cannot fault Delta for that.

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