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Look what you’ve done – Hi-Fi’s

Power pop is some deep well. It’s like the 70’s/80’s version of garage, which i guess is what it is exactly. Thousands of bands forming with dreams of national eminence but in every case local reverence, playing guitar-based pop with no real ambition beyond the archetype. Thousands of bands becoming forgotten because of diffusion, provinciality, until some collector-types dredge them up in their own Nuggets way. The only difference i can see is much of power pop came in the wake of punk rock and its business model.

The Hi-Fi’s were from Canada, i think. I don’t know what province, and i don’t know if they ever released anything beside this single. If it matters. If it should be anything other than a perfect song just out there, floating in the endless ocean of recorded music. If you find it, all the better. If not, there’s a million billion other just as great songs out there.


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