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You don’t know me – Ben Folds and Regina Spektor

Another implanted song. Another song before this morning i knew only from the tune, not ever learning of its author. I thought it was the people over the road, listening to it as they work on their go kart or whatever they do in that shed of theirs. Therefore it was coloured a more mainstream, unaffecting song, like one from Mika or Maroon 5, playing only because that’s what the radio plays. But no, it was my girlfriend playing it from the living room, colouring it then a song that means something to someone who means something to me.

She has now figured out how to independently download songs and fill her ipod with them. This is a fantastic development. We had a listening party together this morning, her showing me all she found. This is why i insisted on an ipod as i good idea for her. It helps her on the train and helps her connect with music. She needs introduction to music she would love my insistence on ye-ye and twee can’t provide her. Someone help.

the haunting

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Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye – Nina Simone

It’s true, you know. Another case of having a tune in my head, undefined, unknown provenance, unexplainable, and being formally introduced to it as a Cole Porter song, sung by everyone from Rod Stewart to Ella Fitzgerald to Dinah Washington to Simply Red to Petula Clark to to Sideshow Bob, upon research for this thing this morning. Jazz STANDARD. I wasn’t sure who was singing it to me (it was probably Sideshow Bob singing it on his Krusty-less tv show, knowing me) so, of a varied and good/bad taste, poignant/schmaltzy spanning litter, i’ve chosen Nina Simone to represent it for me, to you. I haven’t heard enough versions to declare it the best ever performed, but odds are it is.


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Cut The Tension

Cut the tension – Lifetime

Although it is typical and reflexive of me to poo-poo and smother any enthusiasm for reunion shows, seeing Lifetime last year (or the year before [or possibly the year before that]) was one of the best shows i have been to. It wasn’t a complete success and there was this disjointedness – the only parts making it the best were those when Lifetime were on stage, the rest of the show somewhat ho-hum, it was a Resist show, and the crowd seemed mostly clueless to who Lifetime were save for a touring, international band – but still, in the midst of unfamiliar new stuff, there was a band on stage ripped straight from my stereo, my bedroom, so many times, with all excitement, all dedication, all hope, all envision intact. And i was there with Peter, sharing it all.

I have no concept of the band live when they were active, but this show fulfilled everything my little old small town, distant mid-90s dreams conjure up as impossible. Lifetime were Lifetime, then as they ever were, and i got to see them. Dan Yemin seems blessed with the same eternal youth and good looks as Bob Nanna. I can’t remember if the played this song. But i do remember them playing Starsixnine, Turnpike Gates, and Rodeo Clown, and not playing Bobby Truck Tricks or What She Said.

world of henry orient

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Make it easy on yourself – The Walker Brothers

I’m kind of interested in research, or at least journal articles with research already done, in memory and recollection and why certain things pop into my head when they do. There is a wonderful randomness to it sometimes, one that science or (shudder) pop-science might pollute, but still i’m interested. I have not heard this song since my girlfriend and i were in Hampton State Forest, got really scared and drove out of there as fast as we could. So why does it come to me this morning, lying dormant for so long and exploding into my head with all its magnificence and precision of life and emotion. There has to be some reason. Or not. Who cares? Be thankful. One of the greatest songs ever written then matched with its perfect recording artist.

women in love

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Avoiding – John Henry West

From the 3/12/93 compilation which i thought for the longest time was titled “Not For The Lack Of Trying” because that seemed equally as apt a name for a comp as it did a band. And every copy i’ve seen of this record has the cover folded with their photo as the front. In tribute to and declaration of my favourite song of the four i have it folded with the John Henry West photo as the cover, so everyone knows whose side i am on. It might have been intentional, it might have been not, but Mr. McClard made it possible to value one band over the others with this packaging idea. Pick your favourite. I have thought (too often for something so inconsequential as this) about rotating the cover regularly, giving shared exhibition and honour to each of the four bands on the record, but this song is just too damned good.

wild style

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Just You

Just you – James Hurley, Donna Hayward, Madeleine Ferguson

As much discredit as some parts of Twin Peaks’ second series has gotten, from fans and creators alike, and how most of that discredit falls on scenes and inconsequential, sidetracked plotlines involving James Hurley, if you don’t think this is one of the best scenes in the entire series i don’t think we’re fans of the same show.

fire walk w/ me

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So Long, Baby

So long, baby – The Wedding Present

There are some bands that should appear here more often based on the head space that take up throughout my day. It just so happens i don’t seem to ever wake up with them. They are learned, recalled, dreamt of, as i go about whatever i do during my day, making some of those i do wake up with and mark down here fleeting and insignificant in comparison. The Wedding Present are one such band.

So often i have a Wedding Present song in my head. It’s not an inconceivable thing, due to their large 25+ year output, the consistent quality of that output, and my adoration of the band. This song came in their grunge-wake, major label-signed, big guitar, target: America period, and is made a hit, perfect, by the sped up, ditty like chorus. I wish they came into my head more often of a morning. Or i don’t as i would then have to stretch to find new ways to say “great(est) band/song”, because when have they ever not been or ever have not written?

marketa laxarova

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