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Double Dare Ya

Double dare ya – Bikini Kill

I just woke up from the most amazing dream. Your definition of amazing may differ from mine so i take no responsibility for that. For some reason there was a band practice at my house. Only in dreams. I knew or recognised no one in this subconsciously assembled band except Louise. She was still on bass, i on drums, and about five other people crammed into my middle room on those other instruments.

I had my drums set up in a bed, probably because in this real world it was cold and i didn’t want to get up. They were balancing and teetering and falling down all over me as i played. And all this band seemed to play were long, drawn out post rock (or something) jams that any bored band can and will impulsively play at band practice. “Thanks a lot, dream” i thought to myself. Dream time doesn’t work the same as scientific time, so i don’t know how long these songs went for but i was done with them, even there, as soon as they started.

Then, from nowhere, from the exact exasperation and boredom i was suffering and to save us both from it, Louise started playing the opening notes to Double Dare Ya. Fucking yes. I picked up the fallen down cymbal stands and joined in. Someone else must have joined in on guitar because there we were, playing this song impassioned, as though it was delivering us from wasted time and wasted effort, delivering us exactly towards where we wanted to be; where our talent, heart, hunger, commitment, passion needed to be. This is an incredible song. Incendiary and necessarily so.

Now i was complaining before about those tiresome, prolonged post rock jams. We played the end of this song for at least as long as we phoned in quiet/loud/quiet/loud/quiet before, but, with gear falling all over the place, the intensity with which we were playing, all we were feeling, purging, all that catharsis, it didn’t matter. At least we were feeling something. I don’t need no dream dictionary to interpret this dream.

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