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Fanfare for the common man – Emerson, Lake and Palmer

AKA the Wide World of Sports theme. Also Terry Funk’s entrance music in his Japanese and ECW days. And also the clip used in every punk music documentary to portray the state of the world punk had to come along and save us from. Maybe because of its link to fond memories of Wide World of Sports and ECW, i’ve never minded this song the way, AS A PUNK, i’m meant to. I am glad that punk came along (even though it was already there and would have bubbled up regardless) and i’m glad it had something to react against, but it seems silly to have sides drawn on a battle nearly 40 years old. To have either/or.

At least until Keith Emerson goes off on his GX 1 explorations, then i’m punk all the way and i must destroy this prog machine. They just couldn’t help themselves, could they? Apparently the album this song is from is like Double Nickels on the Dime, in that each side of its four is designated to each of the members. Whereas on Double Nickels on the Dime that conceit sounds like (and is) the coolest thing in the world, the descriptions i’ve read of this record make it sound like the most horrible and onanistic thing.

This is from side 4, the chaff side left for them to perform together as Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Maybe my knowledge of ELP (nicknames!) is best left to this song and this song only. The Minutemen were right: Bloated rock dinosaurs had good ideas sometimes, but could never get over their precious selves or look beyond their pedestalled rock lives to present them in cool and effective ways.

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