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-3˚C – Iwai Yukiko

I should probably just call her Yuuyu. Here are some vital facts about Yukiko i learned from the game Yuuyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (or at least the GameCenter CX episode of it), released by Taito on the Super Nintendo in 1990:
– her special skill is playing the piano.
– she collects a lot of things, but largest is her collection of telephone cards.
– her trademark is eggplant.
– the most important thing to Yuuyu is family.
– she was under Watanabe Productions and Pony Canyon Records after the Onyanko Club.
– she can play the Minute Waltz well.
– her favourite word is “guts”.
– she dislikes the sea.
– she is from Yokohama.
– she was a part of the Volleyball Club in her high school (at her height?!).
– she brushes her teeth 3-4 times a day.
– her favourite facial feature is her beauty mark.
– she came up with the name of her fan club’s newsletter herself.
– she regularly wears casual clothing.

Enlightening. This song was her second single. It’s the album version i’ve posted because… well because i own the album, not the single.

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Tenshi no Bodyguard

Tenshi no Bodyguard – Iwai Yukiko

Yukiko, or Yuuyu, was Onyanko’s 19th member, the other of Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi with Takai Mamiko, and one of the most popular members. Look, i’m gradually drawing a picture of the Onyanko Club as a whole. She was also the shortest member, which coupled with the way she sings made her look very young, but in reality she was one of the oldest in the group. Mamiko graduated before her, leaving her partnerless, but not out of the spotlight as she was soon given a solo opportunity. This was her first single. Her popularity remained after the Onyanko Club folded and she branched out further on her solo career, and there is something incredible about watching a 4 foot 11 person alone, bouncing around, owning a stage and an audience as much as anyone has ever before.

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