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I’m in a drawn out process of moving house, so that’s why. School on top of that and no internet there yet, some things have to be put aside. As catchup:

Thursday, March 14th
Bad for good – Jim Steinman

Friday, March 15th
Two out of three ain’t bad – Meat Loaf

Saturday, March 16th
Final day – Young Marble Giants

Sunday, March 17th
In the city – The Jam

Monday, March 18th
You keep me hanging on – Vanilla Fudge

Listen to those in order and maybe you can draw a narrative of my experience these past few days. Maybe not.

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The Plan

The plan – Built To Spill

It comes with no small amount of astonishment for me to say that this is the first Built To Spill song to happen on here. They are one of those bands that in the four (yep…) years i’ve been doing this should have been here every other day. Most of my favourite bands have never been posted here. I think maybe that’s a blessing. It saves the strain of trying to come up with something adequate to praise them with.

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The village in the morning – The Magnetic Fields

It’s really late so this will be as quick as possible, but it has been a long time since the last Magnetic Fields song. “The radio writes poetry forever” might be one of my favourite Magnetic Fields lines, but that could b because i’m a dull, base person of low life experience and expectation who is turned on by what speaks to and evokes what little experience and expectation i have. But i like to think maybe it is absolutely a great line, whoever it reaches.

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Side Street Walker

Side street walker – Dolly Mixture

Na na na na na. I’ve written here before about Dolly Mixture’s nothing if not absolute best judgement, compulsive fall into pop music tropes. Here’s another example. It would be remiss of them as the perfect band they are not to have fallen to the “na na na na na” of this song’s chorus.

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-3˚C – Iwai Yukiko

I should probably just call her Yuuyu. Here are some vital facts about Yukiko i learned from the game Yuuyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (or at least the GameCenter CX episode of it), released by Taito on the Super Nintendo in 1990:
– her special skill is playing the piano.
– she collects a lot of things, but largest is her collection of telephone cards.
– her trademark is eggplant.
– the most important thing to Yuuyu is family.
– she was under Watanabe Productions and Pony Canyon Records after the Onyanko Club.
– she can play the Minute Waltz well.
– her favourite word is “guts”.
– she dislikes the sea.
– she is from Yokohama.
– she was a part of the Volleyball Club in her high school (at her height?!).
– she brushes her teeth 3-4 times a day.
– her favourite facial feature is her beauty mark.
– she came up with the name of her fan club’s newsletter herself.
– she regularly wears casual clothing.

Enlightening. This song was her second single. It’s the album version i’ve posted because… well because i own the album, not the single.

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Fushigi TOKYO Cinderalla – Saint Four

Like Onyanko Club, Saint Four had their own movie. It came as part of their debut process, blurring its own fiction and the actual recruitment and training process of the group. Titled The Audition, in it we watch Saint Four work through the fear, pain and the limits of human endurance requisite to become the best girl group the world has ever seen. Myth or reality, it hardly matters. The effect is clear – the songs, the way they move on stage, the backflips, the sweat, the breathlessness, the desperation, the all. It had to come from something incredible. Why not let it come from this?

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I’ll be there for you – LED Apple

A drama song. It’s from Level 7 Civil Servant, which is not a very good drama at all. Some spy fantasy, it’s actually very dumb and would be aggravating if it weren’t so boring. But i started it so i have to finish it. It makes me wonder though: if i liked the drama more, would i like this song more? If it were linked to and then stirred moments from the drama, would the song then come to mean something to me and be lifted from what i think of it now? As now it sounds just above that Jet song where they decided to be in an other way terrible and approximate the Beatles as a cultured counterpart to their other terribleness. This song is not that bad. It just means nothing to me. I have probably liked worse songs from better dramas just because they were from better dramas.

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