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All Screwed Up

All screwed up – The Queers

This used to be the only song on Beat Off i liked. Now i would place it as one of the lesser, and that’s among all their songs. It’s no longer the reward it once was for sitting through all those snotty fast songs on the album, bursting from them in some (bubblegum) sweet relief. Like yesterday, i’ve grown and changed, and they’re both indispensable sides of the band, but i do still prefer the Queers’ slow songs to their more traditionally punk ones. This just isn’t one their best.

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You’re Tripping

Your tripping – The Queers

Well it’s to the point. And it’s a confronting thing, putting this album on for the first time, knowing only the Queers’ sweet love songs and hearing this vitriol. It’s so direct as well that it’s obviously about someone, but these years of wondering have yielded nothing. Some no one nothing not worth mentioning who played in a white power band i guess. It just seems weird, in the anthem it is presented as and came to be, that it is not broader.

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Hawaii – The Queers

Another band with a knack for choosing the perfect, befitting, obscure song to cover is the Queers. Hearing them is for me not so much being gratified in song choice, because, unlike Vacaciones, i mostly don’t know these songs, let alone recognise them as covers. It is like an education. The best kind of education.

While the Beach Boys aren’t some one-45-releasin’ garage band, it’s the songs the Queers chose – Don’t Back Down, Little Honda, this one – none of which are on Pet Sounds, none of which are on Summer Dreams. It is clear that this is not so much a band finding pretty songs to plod themselves through with inscribed effect. These are songs that speak to them, that they can express outwardly again as a band, that establish them firmly along on the continuum of this music.

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Ben Weasel

Ben Weasel – The Queers

Prong?! Remember them? Anyway, i think the most startling revelation in this song is that Mr. Weasel has made such a sufficient career out of punk rock that he doesn’t have to work. That there’s money in punk rock and one can live off it… Baffling. Unless he survives on some other pool of money – a trust fund, sports memorabilia, disability, etc. Songs about friends.


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Love Love Love

Love love love – The Queers

Like every band giving their music to dances, sock hops, proms, formals, the Queers have both fast and slow songs. It’s just that their fast songs aren’t really dance songs but are rather ugly, short, hardcore songs, while their pop songs, with all the bubblegum in the world stuffed into them, count as the slow songs. Love Love Love might be the perfect melding of both. It probably is the quintessential Queers song, lifted Screeching Weasel lyrics and all.

This is the version off Grow Up, not Don’t Back Down, for the sole reason that i don’t have the latter on CD and don’t have the facility to rip mp3s from records. It’s easier this way.

pumpin iron

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Fuck This World

Fuck this world – The Queers

There are times now i find harder to stomach some elements and songs of the Queers. Despite a great deal of nostalgia involved, them being fantastic and having written what i think are still some of the best songs ever, there’s something that doesn’t always sit well with me when listening to them. And it’s not the traditional divide of their pop songs versus their ugly punk songs. It’s maturity versus song and album titles like I Want Cunt, Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers, Fagtown, Gay Boy, etc., which i guess after all these years puts me right in their line of fire for taunting.

Doing the punk thing and trying to be offensive to an extent appearing as just plain revelry in questionable mores and conservatism doesn’t seem to have been facsimiled to this generation of pop punk, thankfully. And the Queers still have songs like this (a Ben Weasel/Joe Queer co-written song) that make me forget anything repulsive ever came from them, though not for long. Ooooh, this is tearing me apart.

la collectioneuse

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