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Evaporation – Swimsuit

There are too many bands in the world, and i’m coming to realise that i don’t really need to know all of them. Especially non-punk fly-by-whatever’s-in bands who put demos on bandcamp, generate buzz on particularly cool blogs written from a particularly cool city the band is also from, and then disappear. If you’re not a local band, then why do i have your demo? Why do i have access to what small things you do and why is your importance amplified?

Swimsuit will be remembered (are they even still a band? Did they make it?) as falling as part of that band-with-beach-in-their-name popup scene rather than the evergreen indiepop that can do no better nor wants to do better. I’m always fooled by that non-distinction. Indiepop ain’t always indiepop.

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