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Sunstroke – Swiz

Dhaaaaaaaaay iinn. And dhaaaaaaaaaaay ouwt. Finally! Over three years and at last this song comes. In my head more often than any other song (just never at an opportune time to have it posted here): The greatest hardcore song ever written. Well… almost. Just one little word creeps in at the end and ruins it. I’m sure this is a very personal song for Shawn, a song between two people, but it’s there and it’s used so violently that i can’t help but see every horrific real-life ramification seep out with it. Luckily i needn’t worry, because we have hardcore within which to deal with our little frustrations and no one is really in danger of anything more than a few terse words slung their way. The instruments of abuse discretely belong to those outside of it. Of course they do…

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