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Season’s Freaklings

Season’s freaklings – Bunnygrunt

It was a difficult decision deciding between this song or The Hanukkah Scoot for this Christmas mix i’ve made. The Hanukkah Scoot won out because, even though Hanukkah was a few weeks ago, it’s even more impossible to resist than this song, and i felt the need to level things out. This 7″ might be my all time favourite holiday-themed record.

And so i just don’t do these things for myself, here is that mix:
click to download (94MB)
Merry Christmas!

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We Belong

We belong – Bunnygrunt

Doo doo dodo dododo. My girlfriend absolutely loves this song. I do too, but ever since she found it and now plays it nonstop its importance and holding has transferred to her and however it makes her feel, and however she wants it to make her feel. I like very much when this happens. Not in an inflating, smug way that good music is being passed down – i the passer – but in a way that she has something she loves. That’s all.

And i never realised until this morning that this is a June Brides cover. My favourite Bunnygrunt song turns out to be a cover. They do so many covers. I’ve never heard the original, obviously. Until i do, this remains a Bunnygrunt song. And if the doo-doo’s aren’t in that original it will forever remain a Bunnygrunt song.

signs of life

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The Hanukkah Scoot

The Hanukkah scoot – Bunnygrunt

I don’t know why there aren’t more Hanukkah songs in pop music. There’s that My Pal God Records’ Holiday Record where The Goblins do Ha-Ha-Hanukkah and Atom and his Package just sing about what the void of a day Christmas is. I’m sure the Klezmatics have a song or two, and i could have sworn there was a Vandals song. Then there’s that Adam Sandler song, but beyond that is there anything? I can list so many Christmas songs. So many punk rock Christmas compilations, so many indie-pop, so many Mariah Carey albums. This song itself is alone on a Christmas record. Maybe it’s the circle i’m in. The representation does still seem a little low. Give me Klezmer over a Christmas carol any day.


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